Dead man walking

Smiley sings in one of his songs:  ,,Cause you’ve killed all my dreams, you killed everything/ Can’t go on living without you by my side”. A girl and a boy broke up, and as a result, the boy became a dead man walking.

Now we are looking at a dead man walking.

But how many dead men walking do you see in society each and every day? Whateher it is caused by a break-up, by the ingnorance you are treated with, by unhappiness and problems. In a broad common sense, something happens and people start living a passive life. They don’t care any more about the things that sorround them.

They just observe and keep silent.

I know that life isn’t always like we’ve expected it to be. But everything will go wrong, if don’t start doing something right.

We stopped caring. And that includes me, too. I stopped doing this, too. We all became a group of ghosts looking for an easy escape method from the tragic negative life we have been creating by ourselves.

Let’s wake up and light the candle. Or if it’s easier and more modern, let’s light the light bulb. But just return from the dark places. Start believing in miracles!

Create your own dreams, and don’t walk around like a dead man walking.

This and everything else, is up to you, my dear friend walking.



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